Baylor Law School Leads in Texas Bar Exam Pass Rates


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Students of Baylor Law School continue to achieve a high pass rate in the Texas State Bar Exam since 2001. Now on its 14th time, Baylor Law School achieved a 94.64% success rate, which is the highest compared to the nine law schools in Texas. The impressive record includes 106, out of 112, Baylor Law School students who took the bar exam in July and succeeded on their first try. Tailing behind Baylor Law School is the University of Texas with a pass rate of 92.80%. With a 90.39 percent pass rate, the University of Houston took third place. The overall pass rate for the Texas State Bar Exam is 86.37%, as 1,470 out of 1,702 takers passed the exam on their first try.

Baylor Law School’s success

Brad Toben, dean of Baylor Law, attributed such a success to their approach in legal theory and practical skills training, which obviously works as an effective method for legal education. The Baylor Law Dean is grateful to the staff, faculty menbers, alumni, colleagues of the university, and the law school students for the success the program was able to achieve.

Baylor Law School is one of the most successful in the State Bar Exam, the success of which is hard to beat. In the February 2009 bar exam, Baylor Law School recorded an outstanding 97.06% pass rate, 95.83% pass rate for the February 2008 bar exam, 97.85% pass rate for the July 2007 bar exam, and 100 percent pass rate for the February 2007 bar exam. In the 2011 issue of Princeton Review’s 170 Best Law Schools, Baylor Law School was highly regarded for its “practical approach to legal education.”

Photo Credits: Bryan Gosline

Source: Baylor University

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